Engaging and Promoting in a Digital Ecosystem

I recently attended a conference session (title of this blog) by Shama Hyder and Eric Kuhn.

Social Media - new definition - people are now the media!

The reach of any event can go viral - the old event that had 10,000 now is reaching millions - think the United airlines story - everyone around the world knows what happened.

In today's age you have the opportunity to get your message out and many will say the Millennials are the ones to get that message out.

By 2020 they will make up the majority of the workforce.

3 Trends in Social Media

  1. Identity-Based Ecosystem - showcase their own identity;
  2. Content Curation and Community - collaboration, community; and
  3. Video Device Agnostic (web + people = TV).

Eric Kuhn - from Hollywood to Silicon Valley.  Where we came from?

3.7 billion global Internet users who are on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, email, Kickstarter, Tumblr, Podcast, Tinder.

Fight for future - Uber owns no cars, Alibaba has no stock, airbnb owns no properties, wiki-links sells no encyclopedias.

SoMoLo - social, mobile, local - Uber and Lyft - content is important.

Best Practices

  • Have a purpose, a point of view on social media;
  • Go viral - inform, inspire and insight to action (why you should share); and
  • Talk with the audience not at the audience or down to the audience.

How social media now effects every organization?

  • Content is currency;
  • Live your brand;
  • Design matters (what it looks like); and
  • Have purpose and value with your product, programs.

Until next time!