Scorecards: Do You Have One For Your Board of Directors?

Do you have a scorecard for your Board?

If not, you should.

We all know our Boards are supposed to be the biggest supporters of our organizations.

What better way to showcase that by creating a scorecard for your Board of Directors!

The scorecard should be prominently displayed at every Board Meeting. It should be in every Board book produced. Peer pressure is a wonderful thing. No one wants to be a slacker.

Yes, peer pressure works!

At the very least, the following items should be included in any scorecard:

  • Board Terms
  • Attendance Record for Board Meetings
  • Membership Level (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.)
  • Number of Members Recruited
  • PAC Contribution (if you have one)

These are just a few examples of what you might want to include in your scorecard. While some board members may push back, get the backing of your current chair, incoming chair and membership chair. Let them lead the charge.

Part of your annual “Board Orientation” should include the scorecard and set the expectation up front of their role as leaders of the organization. If all your board members are on the same page, you will have a stronger chamber.

Start that scorecard today!

For a sample scorecard go HERE.