Social Media Statistics

I was reading an article that was titled 52 Cool Social Media Facts.  For a copy of the entire article go HERE.

At the very least, the numbers are astounding.  A couple of things I took away from the piece were:

  • People are embracing the use of social media;
  • There is always a new tool around the corner to entice your participation;
  • We are way beyond the days of just Facebook and Twitter; and
  • We are still grappling with measuring ROI as it relates to making money on our programs through these marketing channels.

One constant that continues to ring true throughout everything I’ve read is that you need to identify what social media tools your members are using and focus on those tools as a way to communicate with them.

You can’t be everything to all people. Sound familiar?  It applies to social media too!

Do your research and find out where your members are spending their time in the online space, and participate, lead the discussions in that space.

Good luck!

For a blog post on social media metrics by buffersocial go HERE.

Do Your Members Feel Wanted?

Many articles and books have been written on membership.

One concept I buy into in membership is we need to make our members feel wanted.

It’s a simple concept!

Think about it, don’t we all want to be wanted?

That’s what relationships are all about.  And as chamber execs we are in the relationship business.

Speaking of relationships, that’s the other key point I took away from the book titled, The End of Membership as We Know It.

There is no question we are in the relationship business.

Not only the relationship with the member but the relationships we have with:

  • Elected officials - if you’re in the advocacy business;
  • The planning committee - if you’re in the economic development business; and
  • Your leadership program - which is building relationships throughout the community with the next generation of leaders (high school or young professionals) in your community.

Treat your members the way you want to be treated – wanted!

You take care of them, they’ll take care of you.