What's the Size of Your Board?

There have been many articles on the size of boards and their functionality.

More board members = less flexibility, less functional.  Less board members = more flexibility, more functionality.

If you’re thinking about this for your organization, the first step would be to agree on a set number – 5, 9, or 11 board members.

That’s a good starting point!

No more than 12.  These board members need to be committed to the organization and need to be leaders in the community or industry.

Do you have a list of criteria to become a board member?

In my opinion, smaller boards allow for deeper discussions on the important issues facing your organization and the opportunity to make real change.

If you choose to create a smaller board, a real focus must be made for getting the right people to participate.

The use of task forces can be utilized to create the necessary documents and background materials used for the discussion at the board level.

How many of your current board members fully participate in the process today – is it 5, 9, or 11?


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My ABC's of Networking

Many articles and books have been published on networking.

Networking is an element each of our organizations are involved in to benefit our members.

The key is to stay cutting edge in the field?  Yes, like anything we do there’s a right way and a wrong way.

Here are my thoughts on the ABC’s of networking from what I’ve read or experienced over the years in the business.

  • A – Accessible, can people get in touch with you or do they have to go through a gatekeeper?  Networking is about access, you getting to someone or someone getting to you.
  • B – Behavior, are you setting up that daily or weekly lunch to gain new contacts?  You have to eat, why not make the most of it and set-up a lunch appointment.  That’s a great way to grow your rolodex.  Do you strike up a conversation with the person seated next to you on that cross country plane ride?  This is where your 30 second elevator speech comes in handy.  The next time you fly, introduce yourself to the person next to you.  It could be a 30 second conversation or it could be a great new contact for you.
  • C – Connector, are you a connector?  In other words, when you’re talking/listening to one person about a subject matter, are you instinctively thinking about how you can connect them to someone they don’t even know that could help them in their business?

The ABC’s of networking is all about having a plan of action.  Don’t just socialize, network.

Your network is your net worth.  Think about that for a second.

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Until next time!