Delivering Value

In today’s economic times, it is more important then ever to deliver the core good to your members.

I’d like to refer to a book I read on the restaurant business recently. The author is Anthony Bourdain, his book is titled, Kitchen Confidential.

In the book the author suggests that we go to the same restaurant year after year after year and order the same meal for one simple reason, we know what we’re going to get and we love it! The restaurant is delivering a core good.

What is your core good?

As chamber leaders it’s important that we continue to push the envelop of innovation. Our members expect us to be cutting edge. It’s ok to fail. In fact, I know of one organization that has a line item in their budget for “new projects.”

Many chambers have incubators for entrepreneurs to get a start on their business idea. This is your little slush fund for you to be innovative for your members and potential members.

Having said all that, it is important to note that while you are allowed to try new things and fail, you must never stop delivery the core good that Mr. Bourdain talks about in his book. That’s why your members renew their membership.

Are you on the cutting edge while continuing to deliver your core good?