Word of Mouth Marketing

It’s not just a phrase. There’s a dedicated association to the field.

We’ve all done the membership survey that asks the question – how did you hear about us? Usually the number one answer is a friend or colleague.

That’s word of mouth marketing at its core.

We typically use the term member-get-a-member campaign in our vernacular. We do it because it’s very effective.

I strongly encourage your marketing staff to learn more about the techniques of word of mouth marketing if they haven’t already done so.

When you think about it, isn’t that what social media is all about? It’s just using the Internet instead of literally talking to someone face-to-face.

In today’s times we need to use all available resources and tactics in recruiting new members.

For more information on the Word of Mouth Marketing Association go HERE.

How Does Your Board Define Success?

That’s the big question!

I'd suggest you ask this question to your board on a yearly basis. It's important to define it, write it down and measure it.

It's your chance to prioritize your chambers resources to deliver the most value to your members.

And it gives you a yearly outline on how you can be successful by delivering on what your board defines as success.  It outlines where you should be spending your staff's resources.

Here are some of the answers I hear when that question is asked are the following:

  • Number of members
  • Annual revenue or growth in annual revenue
  • Amount of revenue sent to reserves
  • Advocacy successes
  • Quality and number of programs
  • Economic development/workforce successes

I hope the discussion to define success is on the agenda at your next board retreat!

For a great resource from The Bridgespan Group on becoming a more effective nonprofit board go HERE.