Board Meetings: How Many Are You Conducting Each Year?

Are you conducting that monthly board meeting ritual?

It may be time to move to a knowledge-based quarterly board meeting. Your members will thank you for doing so.

In a knowledge-based board setting, you get to tackle real/mega issues that will affect the chamber and your business members for years to come.

Your board needs to be strategic, not operational. It’s time to stop counting the napkins and picking out the color of the tablecloth! You know what I mean.

A typical knowledge-based board meeting agenda will have the following items:

  • Approval of previous meeting minutes;
  • Consent calendar for committee and task force reports;
  • Mega issue as a discussion item: a topic previously identified for further review and research;
  • Full board participation to study the facts and findings of the research; and
  • Action item: vote on the mega issue.

In a true knowledge-based governance model, the board should have all the necessary information to make a decision on the mega issue right after it has been presented to the full board, presumably by a current board member with proper collateral materials on the mega issue, with staff support/input.

Move to that quarterly knowledge-based board meeting this year. Your board will thank you for it!

A great resource The Will To Govern Well.