Storyboarding: A Useful Tool in Strategic Planning

Do you want a tool that will allow every board member to participate equally in your next strategic planning process?

How many times do we allow a couple of people who take control of a board meeting and set a course that may or may not be the prudent thing to do.

Use storyboarding to get everybody’s participation.

The storyboarding process, in the form it is known today, was developed at the Walt Disney Studio during the early 1930s.

Simply put, storyboards are a graphic illustration of images or thoughts laid out in a sequence or prioritizing order.

One advantage of using storyboards with your chamber is that you can change and priortize your thoughts in real-time and get the reaction of all board members in a timely manner.

The storyboarding process is a great way to facilitate feedback and suggestions from all members of your board based on their vision for the chamber’s program of work and how it should align with your mission.

This process will generate a number of ideas that you may not currently have on your radar screen.

It is imperative that you prioritize your storyboard on what your chamber has the resources to implement from the strategic planning process today and in the years ahead.

Good luck!

For more information on using storyboarding at your next board retreat by Stephen Tweed go HERE.