Needs Assessment Surveys

When was the last time you conducted a needs assessment survey?

With today’s technology there’s no excuse not to conduct a needs assessment today.

What better way to get the pulse of your membership on what they want vs. what they don’t find of value.

Today’s tools will rank the responses and will give you a clear road map in dropping programs that are not making money, that are not well attended, or are perceived as not valuable.

There’s nothing worse than working on a program that nobody cares about. Get focused and hone in on what your members want for the organization.

The following websites have survey tools that are free, or charge a nominal fee, that will allow you to conduct your next needs assessment survey with the click of a few buttons.

Key questions to ask:

  • Size of business
  • Age demographic of member
  • Title (i.e., owner, president, manager)
  • Type of business i.e., construction, IT, professional)
  • Ranking of your programs
  • What issues are important to your chamber
  • What social media tools are your members using
  • How many events did you participate in the last year
  • Open ended – what could we do to help you grow your business?

Conduct that needs assessment survey today!