Board of Director Job Descriptions: Do you Have One?

If not, you should.

You were hired based on your qualifications and how your skill set fit the CEO job description your chamber posted.

Shouldn’t your board members be held to that same standard? I think so.

Here are just a couple of key things that should be included when creating your board of directors job description:

  • Leader in the community
  • Financial support
  • Intellectual support
  • Full participation in board meetings, monthly luncheons and annual meeting
  • CEO only, if possible
  • Understands the role of a board to set policy, not implement policy - that’s your job

The last bullet is key. Our boards should be made up of business leaders that are setting policy for the organization to thrive today and in the years ahead.

Worrying about the color of the napkins at the next event is not time well spent by your leadership. Sound familiar?

Sample Board of Director Job Description