Golden Handcuff: Do You Have One?

If you’re not familiar with the term, a “Golden Handcuff” is essentially a program, product or service that your member can’t do without.

It compels them to send in their dues check year after year after year.

If you are familiar with the term, the attached list is nothing new.

What program, product or service are you providing that is your golden handcuff?

  • Insurance Programs (Workman’s Comp, D&O, etc)
  • Credit Cards
  • Certification
  • Affinity deals with office supply stores
  • Etc.

Let me give you one that you’ve probably never thought of – “Your Board of Directors.”

By show of hands, how many of your board members are non-dues paying members. That’s right, they’re all dues paying members. That goes for all your volunteers – committees, task forces, etc.

So the next time you’re asked if you have a "Golden Handcuff" – you can proudly say, YES, we have one, it’s my board.