The 30 Second Elevator Speech

Ok, you just ran into a potential member on the street corner waiting for the “walk” light.

Do you have a 30 second chamber membership pitch?

It doesn’t need to be elaborate; it just needs to be tight, succinct.

Explain the value of chamber membership: advocacy, networking, building a stronger community.

  • What businessperson doesn’t want their chamber advocating for their business?

  • What businessperson doesn’t want to network for new business?

  • And, what businessperson doesn’t want a strong growing community?

Keep it simple, keep it tight!

Give them your business card that reiterates your 30-second speech with your contact information on the opposite side.

In addition, here’s a nice place to use that QR code you’ve recently implemented.

Recruit that new member in 30 seconds!

Standing Committee vs. Task Force

What’s the difference?

In simple terms one is permanent and one is temporary.  One is difficult to disband the other already has a term limit.

Hence, the main reason to create a task force. Standing Committee (permanent) – think finance committee, government affairs committee, annual meeting committee, etc. Task Force (temporary) – think special event, purchasing a building, etc.

While we all know that keeping members engaged helps retention, I definitely subscribe to the philosophy that less standing committee’s is the way to go.

I also subscribe to the idea that the task forces should be chaired by a board member.  This creates continuity for the program of work they are doing.

The task force should involve all interested parties from the membership, not just the senior members of the chamber.

Use the task force process to involve the younger/newer members of your organization.

They are your future after all aren’t they?