What's Your Goal Using Digital Media?

At a recent conference, I attended a breakout session with the same title of this blog post.

What did I get out of the session?

Three key points that I took away were:

  • Message needs to be a benefit not an annoyance;
  • Integration of data/information is key to your audience; and
  • Media agnostic, on demand, mass communication with personalized content needs to be in real time.

I especially want to focus on the last bullet since I believe it's a key component of running a successful digital campaign.

You can't just focus on one medium (i.e., web, a social media platform, etc.).  You must be on all, web, mobile, audio and video and then find the platform where your members our listening (i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).

Make no mistake about it, this is not easy to do.  Don't let the perfect get in the way of the good.

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Just get started today!