Research: Know Your Member

I recently was reading a "100 Super Hints Revealed" document produced by Marketing General Incorporated.

Go HERE to get the original document.

I've talked about the importance of needs assessment survey's and the tools available to conduct them.

For that blog post go HERE.

Having said that, I wanted to focus on two points in the last section under research of the Marketing General report:

  1. It's what you know, not what you suspect; and
  2. Beware of the board's perspective.

This is so true!

Don't get in the habit of guessing what your members want from past history or current staff thoughts. Survey your members and know for sure what they want.

The second point is sensitive. Ideally, your board members are the leaders of the community, but remember, they are a select group of your entire membership.

Conduct the survey and then use your board to prioritize the results. Don't let them add additional items your members don't want or feel is a priority.

It’s been said here time and time again. You can't be all things to all people.

When it comes to your members:

  • Ask
  • Prioritize
  • Deliver

That's an equation for success!