Renewals and Lapsed Campaigns

I recently attended a webinar on the title of this blog.  The following are my notes from what I found as helpful tips.

Early engagement is a key component in your retention efforts.  Start right after they join.  Here are a couple of ideas mentioned.

  • Start a conversation with your initial onboarding communication.
  • Enroll them in the members only part of your website.
  • Conduct quarterly conference calls with the president with these new members.
  • Have a special event for new members/first timers at your annual meeting.

They went on to discuss different ways to engage your members in the renewal process by sending a series of three emails.

  • 60 days prior to due date – do you plan on renewing?
  • 30 days prior to due date – what have you found most valuable?
  • 20 after due date – did you know you're pass due?

Obviously, each of these emails will allow them to renew.

When it came to lapsed members, they suggested:

  • A quick three question survey on why they lapsed.
  • Conduct a “we miss you” campaign six months after they’ve lapsed.
  • Use telemarketing for those lapsed members over a year and bring them back by credit card.
  • If appropriate, use your board members to make lapsed members calls.  They know the value of membership.  They’re your best ambassadors.
  • All your membership renewal communications should come from the President and CEO.

As a final comment, it’s always good to review your renewal and lapsed member campaigns to make sure you’re taking full advantage of best practices.

Good luck!