Get the Right People

This is the second in a four-part series, based on the book, Stop The Non-Profit Board Blame Game, by Hardy Smith.

The book is segmented into four parts and this post addresses the title of the blog and is part II of the book.
There’s been a lot written on this subject matter, including previously on this blog HERE, over the years.

Hardy discusses practical ways of getting the right people on your board by recruiting with purpose and process.  I would suggest this is the most important part of having a successful and functioning board.
I’ll also suggest, as the CEO, you should have a role in the nominating process.  And remember, these decisions, good or bad, typically come with a six-year consequence.  For a previous blog post on nominating committees go HERE.

He goes on to give great practical advice for your board recruiting process.  He addresses why board prospects say yes or say no.  He finishes this part of the book with a chapter titled, Have the Money Talk.
My take on the recruiting process for potential board members, and I’ve said it before for years, you want their passion, their intellect, and their money!
For more information on Hardy Smith, you can go to his website HERE.