Break the Cycle of Dysfunctional Board Relationships

This is the first in a four-part series, based on the book, Stop the Nonprofit Board Blame Game by Hardy Smith.

The book is segmented into four parts and this post addresses the title above.

Hardy talks about setting expectations for board members.  Do they know what their role is as a board member?  Do you have a job description for your potential new board members?
In my opinion, and noted in previous posts, it’s a must!  Go HERE and HERE for two posts, on the subject of job descriptions, for your board.

He also discusses that the frustration can be from both sides, the staff and the volunteers.
Based on his research with volunteers, he’s identified seven categories of the biggest criticisms of board members; communication, expecting too much, conflict with staff, conflict within the board, wasted time, lack of organization and the wrong people.
While that’s a lot to unpack, his book gives practical advice on how to address each.

He finishes this section with a discussion on finding out why members say yes or no to serving on a nonprofit board.

For more information on Hardy Smith, you can go to his website HERE.