The Marketing Basics

I recently attended a session headed by executives from 360 Live Media at an association membership and marketing conference.

There session was fast paced and very informative.

They started with Simon Simek's question - Start with why?

They went on to talk about the 5 things every marketer should know:

  1. The 6 R's our metrics for success:  reach, retention, relevance, reputation, revenue, roi (relationships)
  2. 9 P's of marketing - purpose, place, people, promotion, performance, packaging, product, positioning, price
  3. Segmentation - demographic, geographic, firmographic, economic, behavioral, attitudinal
  4. Know your competition - not only chambers but also Prime and other groups asking your members for membership dues dollars (think economic development, CVB, etc.)
  5. PR squared - what consumers want, precision and relevance as well as power and reciprocity

In addition, they gave a list of 45 little things you should try in your marketing practices.

  • Words matter (#1 word free - exclusivity)
  • Bad words matter (Alert)
  • Triggered emails work
  • Speed matters (auto responders - don't go past 3 hours)
  • Thank you page traffic
  • Landing page fields (don't go over 45 seconds to fill it out or you'll lose 42%)
  • Must field responses
  • Landing page navigation bar (remove the navigation bar)
  • Mobile landing pages
  • Invitation emails (you're invited)
  • Submit button (click here, go, download are others words you could use)
  • Non-offer links
  • All links to offer page (with no navigation bar)
  • Logo clicks
  • Question emails
  • Suspense emails (and the winner is...)
  • Single day offers
  • Engagement matters
  • Inactive recipients hurt you
  • Last call emails
  • Pre-Headers are Important
  • Offer in The Pre-Header
  • Test Emoji's (it's working on increasing open rates)
  • Minutes email (grow your business in 15 minutes)
  • Just for emails (CEO's, HR professionals, etc.)
  • Sense of Urgency (time is running out, date in the subject line)
  • After offer expires (more people open after expired than who open before)
  • Horizontal vs vertical
  • Pre-population
  • Free is king (filtering is now done by your ISP, junk mail)
  • Free vs complimentary
  • Multi-touch is only option (same offer - within a two week period or less)
  • Seed yourself
  • Sending time (could be up to 12 hours for large lists)
  • Tomorrow (not the day of the week)
  • Details matter (no last name in emails)
  • Personalization
  • Letter format
  • Primary Image (same for email and landing page)
  • Clocks Work (countdown clock on offer)
  • Flash Sale Offers
  • The 10% Test (not the A/B split test)
  • End of the QTR (don't send in the last 3 days)
  • 3 Second Rule (page needs to load in less then 3 seconds)
  • You Have a Giant Finger (you need space between links)

Their final comment - Test Everything!

For more information about 360 Live Media go HERE.