Sponsorships: Make it a Win Win For Both Parties

Sponsorships have been a great source of income over the year, but are we spending the right amount of time and energy to make sure they are working for both the sponsor and the chamber?

I like to use the word "partner" instead.  It just makes a statement that we’re in it together.

And that's the way it should be.  They need to see value, if they get it, they’ll be there for the long haul and that means you have to spend less time on the next deal.

Do you have exclusive deals?

In other words, limit the about of “partners” you will have and focus on those opportunities in your program of work.

I’m a fan of less is more, that's an example of fewer “partners,” but paying more for that opportunity, which is a win win for both entities involved.

What are some of the things you could be doing together:

  • Joint marketing letter/email showcasing their product/program;
  • Logo placement throughout the year on your social media platforms and website;
  • A chance to introduce a speaker/s at your monthly programs; and
  • Allow them to write a blog post (you have editing rights) etc.

Again, what’s key is your future sponsorship deals is to think of them as “partners."

Something to think about!