3 Things to Consider When Creating a Grassroots Network

When it comes to creating a grassroots network, it’s important to keep your members involved, while having fun and know that they are making a difference for your organization.

How do you do that?

I’d suggest the following three things:

  • Communication
  • Activation
  • Share your work/results


It’s imperative that you communicate on a regular basis with your grassroots army even when you may not have an issue that is hot.


Make sure you have an easy way to activate those grassroots participants that will go to bat on any specific issue.  Remember, you should be able to segment by issue so you’re getting the right message to the right people and that will show in their response to your call to action in a timely manner.

Share your work/results

Keep everyone apprised of the work that your grassroots army is doing on behalf of your membership and community at large.  Give them credit in your social media outlets, document that fly-in program with pictures and stories.  And celebrate the successes you’ve made.

In the advocacy business there are three elements to an effective program.  You can find that previous blog post HERE.