3 Tips for Enhancing the Volunteer Experience

One of the challenges I hear all the time from chamber execs is the non commitment or lack of participation from the volunteers.

I attended a recent program by Lowell Aplebaum, CAE on this very subject although his session title was a little different.

The three things he focused on to elevate a volunteers experience in your program of work, and by the way, it also gives you a chance to see who might be a potential great volunteer in the future for your chamber, were:

Micro volunteering is a great way to get the younger generations involved in your program of work - use them as content specialists - write a blog, etc.

Create a quick volunteer role at an existing program - volunteer behind the registration desk, then recognize them and ask them to do more.

Micro opportunities to participate in your organization - What can they do?  Photograph your next event if they love photography.

The other thing he mentioned that I thought worth noting here is to make it personal, allow your volunteers to share their professional, personal, and family stories with each other and staff.

If you’ve had a chance to read a previous blog post of mine HERE, you’ll know I’m a fan of creating a job description for each level of your governance structure:

  • Board
  • Standing Committee
  • Task Force

And in that job description you want to make it crystal clear that you expect their:

  • Intellect
  • Passion
  • Money

In return, they’re getting recognition for serving on the chambers board, standing committee or a task force.

Always make sure you are thanking your volunteers publicly and often through your website, social media outlets and printed publications.

Your intended goal should be to have a list of potential board, committee, and task force members lined up to serve for years to come.

Make it meaningful and make it fun!