Identifying Common Initiatives and Roles of Chambers in Workforce Development

A strong workforce equals a growing community.  That's been true for many years. 

That's nothing new!

What's new is what does your community have that is attracting that strong workforce?

I think we can all agree on what attracts businesses to your community:

  • Infrastructure;
  • An educated workforce; and
  • A sense of community.

There are all kinds of jobs that need to be filled, not just lawyers and doctors but welders, plumbers, electricians and carpenters.

Does your community have a strong relationship between the high school, vocational school, junior college and the business community?

It’s essential that the three are tied together for success.

We need to get to a place where we do not stigmatize high school graduates, vocational school, or junior college graduates.

At the end of the day, it's the electricians, plumbers, and construction workers who work with the architects, engineers, and the financial industry to build the infrastructure of the 21st Century within our growing communities.

We need all levels of education to fill these key jobs to move our communities forward.

And let's not forget that many electritions and plumbers are making more money than the college graduate, without any college debt!