Why Do Our Members Walk Away?

Do you ask them?

With overall chamber retention rates ranging from 70% - 90% percent, the list of lapsed members is a group of members we need to understand why they walked away.

And remember, they’re your warmest leads!

If you’ve done the survey, you’ve probably received the following responses:

  • Not in the budget this year, cutting back on subscriptions and dues;
  • Didn’t attend any events or programs this past year; or
  • No value.

It’s time to dig a little deeper.  Do some focus groups.

Invite six members who recently dropped their membership, take them to lunch and ask some open ended questions.  Then, just listen.

As the CEO, it’s important you get the facts.  One more thing!  Don’t ask them to rejoin at this luncheon.  Just thank them for their time and honest feedback.

Reach out three or six months later.  Send the “we want you back letter.”  Incorporate their feedback on how you’ve addressed their issue/s in your letter and attach an invoice at their last dues point.

Ask.  Listen.  Respond.

That’s a recipe for success!

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