Do You Have a Membership Renewal Sales Plan?

Or do you just send that auto invoice and hope for the best?

Use this renewal process as an opportunity to further engage your member.

Most chambers I know have the customary 90, 60 or 30-day auto-invoice.

Do you call your members 120 days out to give them an update on the chamber’s accomplishments and how their dues contributed to that success?

Maybe this is the time to ask for an increase in their support of the organization!  If you give them a reason they just might do it.

BTW, who makes that call?  Here’s a great opportunity for your membership committee volunteers to do some real work.  Create a script for them.  Keep it simple.  Communicate what the chamber has done over the past year:

  • Thank them for being a member;
  • List three accomplishments on behalf of the business community; and
  • Tell them why their financial support is so important.

…and then finish with “The Ask.”

Get a commitment for an upgrade to the next level of membership support and get that updated invoice in the mail.

For more information on membership retention visit ACCE’s website HERE.