Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process has evolved over the years.

I’d like to focus on the process in today’s post.  We can no longer create plans that are three, five or ten years in scope.

With today’s technology and the needs of our members changing so fast, our plans should be one, two and three year plans with the option to tweak as needed throughout the year.

Strategy is the key word in the strategic planning process.  The following statements have been attributed to strategy.  Do any sound familiar?

  • Plan of attack
  • Position yourself for success
  • Clear vision
  • Simple consistent long-term goals
  • Live in the present, build towards the future
  • Shape the playing field
  • Understand your organization and its needs
  • Creating incentives

What’s the scope of your strategic plan?  Do they include elements of the above attributes?

If you’ve not gone through a strategic planning process recently now’s a good time to start!

For more information on strategic thinking and planning from the folks at Tecker International go HERE.