Your Members Are Mobile - Are You?

The following post is based on a webinar that Results Direct sponsored recently to the association community.  My takeaways are below.

Delivering the right mobile experience.


Gen Z is a mobile social & video first generation.  Go where they are to engage.  Their top three platforms, stated by Insider Intelligence, include Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram.  The other platforms include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Reddit.


Why mobile?  5 hours a day people are on their mobile devices.  You need to access your members through that device.


Your competition is Siri, RSS feeds, etc.  Think about that!


What types of mobile apps are there:


Native app – uses the device to convert information and are very interactive.


Web app – responsive websites converted to a mobile app.  Scale to fit.  Design doesn’t change.


Hybrid app – combination of both the native and web app.


Action Plan:  Focusing Your Goals


  • Connecting members more closely with your organization
  • Providing personal and relevant experiences
  • Providing timely information
  • Connecting members with one another
  • Optimizing event experiences
  • Providing actionable tools
  • Enabling direct communication with your members
  • Generating revenue/reducing costs


What does success look like?


  • Attracting new members
  • Engaging members more regularly
  • Retaining more members
  • Providing new value
  • Saving costs on printed materials
  • Operating more sustainably/green
  • Selling more products
  • Attracting new sponsors/exhibitors


Leverage your existing systems.  Don't go out an create a new wheel. For a resource on going mobile go HERE.