Monetizing Virtual Events

I recently attended a webinar on the title of this blog post by a senior staff member of the Tulsa Regional Chamber.

It was a timely session on how to pivot and monetize your virtual events.

She led a discussion on how to pivot your program of work and redirect your resources (strategic plan) to show value for your members.
Redirect your priorities and define your core competencies. Focus on the short-term and that may mean creating a new strategic plan.
Identify the opportunity - convene, create free resources to help your members gain an advantage.
She went on to talk about how they created a Business Support Series - twice a week programming, two experts, hosted by the Chamber CEO and Sponsor (think revenue).
They sold four-week sponsorships (eight episodes) with logo placement and introduction of speakers.
Sponsors were allowed to ask speakers a question at the end.  These webinars are fully scripted programs.  The key to make these programs successful is to lead with quality content.
Identify sponsors and align a sponsor with the content you plan to highlight.  All sponsors get the same deal.
When identifying sponsors, think companies who are doing well and have something to sell.
Create a special landing page on your website for this series and you can archive the meeting and any collaterals you might want to share with members and non-members for future reference and selling opportunities.
Things to think about when creating this series:
  • Consistency
  • Cost
  • Frequency
  • Benefits
  • Urgency
Get out there and monetize something.  For a resource on monetizing your virtual events go HERE.

Good luck!