Communicating Your Message with Impact

Institute faculty member Tony Rubleski at Mind Capture taught the COPE theory of communications, "Create Once Publish Everywhere!"

I recently read an article on using three words to describe your business (see that previous blog post HERE).

In addition, I wrote another blog post on effective messaging that will resonate with your audience based on an interview that AssociationNow did with James Carville.  You can find that HERE.

And by the way, right or wrong, left or right, James Carville knows what he's talking about when it comes to communications.

Put another way, keep it simple, or put another way, less is more!

I totally agree that the key is to keep your message consistent over all your communication vehicles and keep it simple.

Which goes back to the opening sentence of this blog post.


Don't recreate the wheel with the different social media platforms you may be working on to get your message out.

"Create Once Publish Everywhere."  COPE!