3 Tips for a Great Presentation

Start with a bang.  Tell a story.  End with where you began.

All successful speakers have mastered these three techniques in addition to their own experiences on delivering the goods on a great presentation.

Here's three I'd like to focus on:
  1. Know your subject matter;
  2. Tell a story; and
  3. Keep it simple.
Know your subject matter:

You're not credible if you don't know your subject matter.  Don't fake it!  They will see right through you. The key is to stay focused on your presentation and subject matter and don't get off on a tangent.

Tell a story:

If you've ever read anything about giving a top-notch presentation, it's all about storytelling.  Begin with a story and end with a story that ties back to the original story that you told.  The stories is what your audience will remember, not the other stuff, unfortunately.  So it's key to bury your main message in the story.

Keep it simple:

I'm reminded by a blog post I did, and you can find it HERE, that if you want them to remember something keep it to three topics, if you want them to remember nothing, than tell them 10 things.

It's so true.  Keep it simple and they will remember your message. So don't push that theory!

Figure out what you want them to leave with and deliver that message.

I'm also reminded by a recent blog post I did on "If You're Creating a Start-up: Find Your Three Words" to describe your business?  You can find it HERE.

It's true, keep it simple and they will remember your message.