The Guy

I was watching TV the other day and a phrase that hit home was, “did you call the guy?”

Are you that guy?

Chamber CEO’s, whether male or female, should position themselves as the guy.

What do I mean by that?

As membership organizations, we talk about how our staff should be thought of as an extension of your members’ staff.  We’re here to solve problems and deliver value to our members.

Communication and information – are two key things, amongst many, that your members want for their dues point.

They want the latest information on their industry sectors and any new regulations they may have to adhere too.

They want that competitive edge to succeed in business and your chamber is positioned well to deliver that information and give them that competitive edge.

No matter how you currently communicate with your members, you and your organization always want to be thought of as problem-solvers, or as the title of this blog suggests, you want to be known as The Guy.

Be The Guy!