Public Speaking 101: 3 Tips to Remember

There have been many articles and books written on public speaking from how to deliver a great speech to how to control your breathing.

Here are three things I think about before giving a presentation.

And by the way, these three are on multiple lists, just Google it!

  • Knowledge
  • Audience
  • Delivery


It goes without saying that giving a speech about a subject matter you know well is a great confidence booster.  I would suggest you don't give a speech on a subject you know little or nothing about.  You must be credible.  Don't' fake it!


It's important to know the audience you're speaking to and how they identify themselves.  Speaking to a group of business people and talking about organizations or vice versus is a killer.

I also put the room set-up in the "audience" category.  It's important that you visit the venue where you will be speaking to get comfortable with the lighting, make sure your AV works and how you will project your message.


Watch those nervous ticks!  I hate when a speaker says "um."  It's a pet peeve of mine.  Remember, silence is golden.  Don't rush your delivery and stay on message.

Open strong, tell a story and end with a powerful quote or fact to bring it all together.

If you keep these three things in mind the next time you're about to give a speech, you'll do great.

Just get out there and do it!

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