Decision-making 101: Why Practice Makes Perfect

I bet you're a lot wiser today then you were five or ten years ago in making decisions for your chamber.

Your decision-making process has probably evolved over the years.  That's called experience.

But as the title suggests, it's important to have a system in place that allows you to deliver the right decisions consistently.

That's where practice makes perfect.  It should become a natural process for you where you don't sweat the details.

We make decisions all day, every day, and having a process in place can keep you on track and moving forward.

Here’s my list of items I think about when making a decision:

  • Gather all the facts
  • Listen to different views
  • Don't make any knee jerk decisions
  • Communicate your decision clearly to all
  • Don't be afraid to re-access and change your decision, if warranted

That's my formula.

Don't make it complicated.  And don't be afraid to share your decision-making process with your staff.  I suggest you'll get better intelligence from them the next time you need to make a decision on an issue if they know the process you go through in making decisions.

Do you have a formula?

For a great resource on decision-making from the folks at Mind Tools go HERE.