Who Should You Follow on Twitter?

As a chamber executive, I use Twitter to keep abreast of the latest technology, management and nonprofit issues affecting the chamber/nonprofit industry from people I choose to hear from - influencers.

I only follow about 30+ people.

But to me, those are the leaders in their fields that I want to hear from.

If they send something out and I want to dig a little deeper on the subject matter, I'll click the link that normally accompanies a tweet!

The following are just a sample of who I follow on Twitter:

What's nice about Twitter, in this aspect, is if I like the headline I can go to the full article. Otherwise, I get the headline and move on.

Reading the headlines and finding out if anything is trending is important even if you don't read the entire article.

It gives you a working knowledge of the issues of the day and the topic de jour at your next reception or networking event.

In my humble opinion, the less you follow, the better.  Who's got time to follow thousands of Twitter handles?  Not me.

Something to think about!