Membership Marketing Plan Toolkit

Do you have a membership marketing plan that sets your strategy for your upcoming year?

Don’t run a membership campaign without a plan and make sure you’re measuring your results.

All plans can be tweaked but they shouldn’t be thrown out.

If you’re thinking about throwing out your plan, you didn’t do your homework to start.

Here’s a few things to think about as you set a plan in motion:

  • Who’s are target
  • What’s the frequency for communicating
  • What’s the offer
  • What’s the timetable for this campaign
  • How are we going to measure success

You will need to decide what constitutes success for your chamber, but a few things that would be on my lists:

  • Revenue vs. costs
  • Number of members recruited
  • Time it took to run the campaign
  • Diversity of members

It’s time to start your plan today!

A great resource on the subject is Marketing General Inc.'s annual survey.

Click HERE for a copy.