Economic Development

For many chambers economic development is their number one priority.

You’ve heard it said before, if you’ve met one chamber, you’ve met one chamber.

In the chamber business there are some generalizations that I agree with (with exceptions).

  • State chambers – advocacy driven
  • Metro/Regional chambers – economic development/strong workforce
  • Local Chambers – networking

Obviously, each of the three types of chambers listed above are in all three (i.e., advocacy, economic development, and networking to different degrees) but what they specialize in, in my opinion, is accurately stated above.

As for economic development, what are chambers focusing on?  I suggest the following:

  • Financial incentives;
  • Strong educated workforce;
  • Business friendly regulations; and
  • Infrastructure.

Successful chambers focus on all four.

Put your business hat on!  If you headed a company, what would be the things you’d look for in opening or relocating your business?

You'd want to know that the local chamber is tracking each of the four areas listed above to ensure a positive business environment for your company.

A strong business community = a strong chamber!

If you’re focusing on the above four areas, I bet you’re a successful chamber.

For more information on economic development and the profession click HERE.