Box Stores: How Do I Get Them To Join?

As stated in a recent chamber educational session I attended with box store executives on a panel, they said it’s all about advocacy.

The big box stores are dealing with business issues at the local, state and national level as it relates to running their business.

It can be as simple as a street light or street sign or as complicated as a new road project or a new regulation that will affect the entire company.

Are you helping them before the city council, the local planning and zoning committee, or at the state capitol?  Even Capitol Hill in Washington, DC could be the place where they need your help.

If you are, it’s highly likely they’re members of your chamber.  If you’re not involved in the advocacy business at those levels, they’re probably not members or they’ve got an excuse why they are not members.

The days of the big box stores joining the local chamber for the sake of joining are over.  It’s all about what you can do for them.

Remember, we all listen to the same radio station WIIFM - what’s in it for me.

Dial them in to your chamber radio station and get them on board as members today!