Past Chairman’s Club

What a great resource that’s at your fingertips.

If you don’t have a “Past Chairman’s Club” you might think about creating one.

The following reasons are just a few good examples of why they could become your best asset and sounding board.

What might you add to the list?

  • They no longer have a dog in the fight;
  • They are seen as an elder statesman;
  • Great sounding board for new ideas; and
  • They could be a buffer to current board members.

The key to a successful “Past Chairman’s Club” is all in the set-up. Set ground rules:

  • Attendance is mandatory;
  • Financial support of the organization; and
  • Confidentiality.

What should you do in return? Create a special program for the “Past Chairman’s Club” (i.e., breakfast speaker series that will enhance their knowledge or business). It’s important to meet on a regular basis (i.e., quarterly, or bi-annually).

Once you decide on the frequency, stick with it. They will put it on their calendars as a must attend event.

In my opinion, this is a case of “if you build it, they will come.”