Board Minutes: Less is More!

Are your minutes done the moment your board meeting is over or at least within two hours after you’ve adjourned?

If not, in most cases, they should be.

With up to 10 and sometimes more chamber board meetings a year, it’s important for you to have a system that captures accurate minutes in a timely matter.

Remember, minutes are official documents. They are not meant to be a running narrative on the individual discussions of board members during the meeting.

Follow these simple rules to ensure an accurate record of your meeting:

  • Document those in attendance and those who are not;
  • Capture motions and whether they passed or failed. Do not document how individuals voted;
  • Summarize any discussions that take place concerning each agenda item (again, do not attached names to those discussions as to who set what, where, when); and
  • Make sure you use a consent agenda to deliver reports of any standing committee or task force work.

When it comes to minutes, less is more!

For a great resource on board minutes go HERE.