Nominating Committees: Are You Part of The Process?

It’s imperative that as a chamber CEO you are fully engaged in the nominating process.

I’ve talked before about the partnership between a board and the chief staff executive.

Historically, there are two main reasons why a CEO is relieved of their duty. A financial issue or when one gets crossways with the board or a board member.

Playing an equal role in the nominating committee process gives you the opportunity to fill your board with members who are:

  • Committed to the organization
  • Support the mission
  • Understand the relationship between the board and chief staff executive
  • Allows the chief staff executive to implement the board’s policy without interference

Not being a full participant in the nominating process is something that needs to be addressed immediately.

Don’t you want to play a part in picking your next boss?

For an article by Leigh Wintz, CAE on a new model of nominating go HERE.